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Donnerstag, 22. Januar 2015

Put your Pets on a Diet. Automatically!

Von carterz40u, 10:02
Traditional automatic cat feeders are primitive; they just periodically dump food, often continuing until it overflows - oblivious to how much your pet is eating. Once in the bowl who knows who eats it? Are you tired of fussing with measuring cups and portion sizes? Does your pet need a weight-loss diet? It's not so easy, especially with multiple pets. So how much does each pet eat anyway?

Wireless Whiskers Automatic Cat Feeder solves these basic problems by identifying each pet with a wireless tag. For the first 3 days the feeder measures how much each pet eats, then automatically sets its allowance based on its measured behavior and will work for up to 8 pets. If you are happy with your pet's weight then the feeder takes care of everything. If one or two of your pets could lose a few pounds then you can simply reduce their individual allowance and "viola" you pet is on a diet! Adjusting the diet can be done in 10% increments or directly by changing the total daily allowance.